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Zomato may soon UBER you to your restaurant


Zomato in talks with UBER on including button on their app

Haven’t you always found the perfect restaurant, wondered how long it would take to get there and if you could just be carried there? Well, Zomato might just solve the third problem too. They’re in talks with Uber on including an Uber button on their mobile app. This means you can click the button to be led to the Uber app straight away. 

And the happiness, like a burrito, doesn’t end there, you can also be told the ETA at the restaurant. After which you can calculate when food will be served all on your own. 

The one tiny problem we can see here is : India. Our roads, well, they’re our roads. Some of them are not on maps and the ones that are, are probably blocked for road work or now a one-way. So ETA, might not actually be a workable model for a country like ours. 


Nevertheless, food does always bring out the best in us. So probably, someone, somewhere, chomping on fries as we speak, might find a ‘way’, literally.