Zomato Launches Its Delivery Loyalty Rewards Program PiggyBank

Last year, Zomato launched Zomato Gold a loyalty program that offers members either 1 + 1 on food or 2 + 2 on drinks at partner restaurants. In fact, Zomato Gold became so popular that the food tech company decided to make it invite only.

Earn Zomato Credits Every Time You Order

Now, Zomato is cranking things up yet again with Zomato PiggyBank which is a reward-based loyalty program for their food delivery service. Zomato PiggyBank acts sort of like a cashback service wherein 10% of the cost of the order is credited back into the consumer’s accounts as Z points which can then be redeemed against future orders for up to 10% of the value of the order.

If you’re wondering how you can piggyback onto PiggyBank (sorry, we had to), we’ve got some news for you. Currently, the program is only available to about 10,000 users and will be extended to those who order from Zomato 5 times a month. If you’re a Gold member, then you will also get early access to Piggybank.

After starting as a loyalty program, Zomato Piggybank will change into a subscription service, come September with a fee of Rs. 299 per year. So, if you haven’t gotten early access yet, wait for September so you can start cashing in your Z points!


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