Zomato Just Made A Super Sneaky Change To Their Zomato Gold Membership

ICYMI, Zomato Gold has pretty much been a smash hit since it dropped in India at the end of last year! In fact, Zomato Gold became so popular that Zomato made it invite-only in April and substantially increased the cost of a membership to over double the initial price.

With a Zomato Gold membership, customers would be able to either avail of Gold for dining out (1+1 on food) or Gold for Nightlife (2+2 on drinks) which worked out to be a steal for young, working millennials in metropolitans. Upon purchasing a Zomato Gold membership when it first launched (and reading the fine print), this reporter found that it was necessary for two diners to be present in order to avail of gold benefits. However, if both diners present had Zomato Gold, both could unlock their gold benefits for a pretty decent discount. Unfortunately, that’s all a thing of the past now.

Changes To Be Implemented Today

Currently, Zomato seems to have updated their FAQ’s to include a fun little graphic that demonstrates how many Zomato Gold memberships can be unlocked in respect to the number of diners present (spoiler alert: it all boils down to one unlock for every two diners present).

Zomato Just Made A Super Sneaky Change To Their Zomato Gold Membership

Basically, now customers can only unlock one membership for every two diners instead of how it worked previously where you could unlock any number of memberships as long as two diners were present. Unsurprisingly, people aren’t very happy with this new development.

We spoke Liz Dencil, the Zomato Gold user who brought the new development to our attention, and she said, “I’m going to email them [about the change], and I hope other members write to them [Zomato] too so that they’re forced to change it back.”

According to the response we received from Zomato support upon asking about the change, the new rules would be applicable from September 10th 2018 onward. They said, “We continue to take both our users and restaurant partner’s feedback to bring improvements in the product and make it more efficient. This change has been brought to ensure that you have more choices and better experiences and are applicable starting Sep 10th, 2018.”

What do you think about the change made to the Zomato Gold membership? Were you even aware of this new development? Let us know in the comments below!