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Zomato introduces cashless restaurant payments in Dubai.


Zomato- Cashless in Dubai.

Don’t get us wrong, Zomato is flush with funds in the Middle East. But what they do have is cashless payments for restaurants. 120 participating restaurants have got Zomato pay. 

Well, you can’t order directly from the app. But what you can do is run along to the restaurant and check-in with Zomato. The app will integrate itself with the billing mechanism at the restaurant. So all you have to do is order away and the billing happens on its own. You do have to tell the waiter that you’re using Zomato pay before this whole hullabaloo. 

This feature is available only for IOS users for now. Androids will have to pay through snail-cash still. Yawn. 

According to the Zomato CEO, the service will save the user’s credit card details in the app, and automatically complete the transaction at the time of payment, similar to the way people around the world pay for Uber.

Deepinder Goyal said, “The idea here is to enable cashless payments for restaurants. The customer can process his payment of the bill through his smartphone rather than having to carry his payment card.”

Performance of the service in Dubai, will decide about other markets. Zomato is also working on a ‘chat’ feature so that its users can ‘chat‘ with the restaurant and place an order for home delivery. Maybe we can finally use those famous food Emojis