Zomato Hits It Big With 2 Million Orders In March

From checking ratings and reviews on a restaurant, discovering restaurants with a certain cuisine, as well as online delivery, Zomato does it all. They’ve just hit a major milestone – processing two million online orders in March alone. That represents a massive 23% increase from February.  

Zomato’s conception occurred at around the summer of 2015. In a blog entry, they address the venture of taking Zomato from one million orders to two million orders. The post details how it was a difficult one. One where the organization learned a ton about what makes a difference and what does not.

Zomato realizes that they have been able to achieve the turning point because of better customer retention and a “maniacal focus on customer support” (Which I can definitely vouch for). A big success for them has been the fact that they only spend $50,000 a month for marketing their online ordering system. This is important, as they receive an 8.5% commission per online order from restaurants. Hence, it bolsters their income enormously contributing about 20% of revenue to their overall topline which is definitely not too shabby!

Zomato Hits It Big With 2 Million Orders In March

Lucky for us, the company has additionally figured out how to expand the restaurants accessible on Zomato from 12,000 eateries a couple of months all the way up to 18,000 today.

Android users contribute around 48% of the traffic to Zomato, iPhone users around 36% and the Web around 16%. The average order value is about Rs 430 for India and around 62 Dirham for the UAE (about Rs 1000). The number of completed orders stays at about 90% while the normal delivery time is around 38 minutes.

Zomato recently launched its membership program, Zomato Gold, in  Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We’re really excited to find out exactly what it entails when they launch Zomato Gold in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore in June! Other cities like Melbourne, Johannesburg, and Istanbul are also anticipating the release of this program. If it’s as good as the changes they’ve made in the last year, then we can’t wait!