Zomato CEO Tweets of $100 Million in Annual Revenue Run Rate as of March

Zomato has certainly been making leaps and bounds in the food tech industry, with their success seemingly stemming from their decision to start food delivery as well. Now, Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal has tweeted about their success on the social media site.

His tweet mentioned that  Zomato has hit $100 million in annual revenue run rate as of March with the company having grown 40% in just the last 2 months. However, this is not the actual annual revenue of the company as financials will be filed by the end of the financial year (March end).

Annualised revenue run rate helps project future revenue for the year and is calculated based on the current month’s revenue. In Zomato’s case, this would mean a monthly revenue of $8.2 million in March would lead to an annualised revenue run rate of $100 million.

Zomato had earlier brought in $49 million in revenues as of the last financial year, with online ordering forming about 18% of that pie, earning the firm $9 million.