Yummy Ice-cream in one ingredient.!!

Hey food lovers, here i bring you quick, tasty yet healthy ice-cream with just one ingredient.
You think i am joking,,,, no i am not.
Its sugarless, no dairy foods, no artificial adding…. surprised.



Yes.. i was also… its banana ice-cream. Here we go….!!!
Banana – 1 big – riped or 2 small.


Take a ripe banana, slice it rounds or chop it well.
Once done, place them in freezer in air tight container for at-least 2 hrs.
Once frozen, taken in a food processor or a mixer and blend it well.
It will look like mashed or scrambled, no worries keep blending.
Keep on, now you ll have gooey texture.. but no worries, keep blending, it will look like oatmeal but there would be chunks of banana inside.
Keep blending until you get the smooth creamy texture just like an custard or smooth ice-cream.
Banana ice-cream is ready, freeze it in fridge for 4-5 hrs or have it as such, its just that it would be very soft.


1. This is the basic recipe, you can always add choco chips, drizzle of honey, or any dry fruits of your choice at the last stage.
2. Using mixie or food processor is better than blender as it will not be able to blend frozen bananas much.

Do try this healthy, low fat yet tasty ice-cream and relish it with your loved ones.