Yum or Yuck: Coca Cola’s ‘Cherry Blossom’ Soda? #POLL

Coca Cola really wants you to ‘Taste the feeling’, if you’re feeling spring around the corner that is. The soda giant will soon be releasing a bright and vibrant new range of Cherry Blossom beverage in Japan. Coke has announced a special sakura (also called cherry blossom) flavoured edition of Coke that’s set to hit select locations for a limited time, reported RocketNew24.

Cherry Blossoms impart a sweet and slightly fruit flavour, and have in the past inspired a number of beverages – including ones from Pepsi and Starbucks. Meanwhile, the bottle features the spring flowers in its signature lilac and pink colours scattered against a white background, which spans across the entire surface area of the bottle. Coca-Cola plans to release the beautiful bottle on Feb. 13 just before Valentine’s Day and will be available through the spring.

Yum or Yuck: Coca Cola's 'Cherry Blossom' Soda? #POLLImage: Eater

So, would you try this spring special soda by Coca Cola? Or are fruit and flowery sodas just not your thing? Vote below and let us know what you think!

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