Fancy A Bright, Working Banana Phone? #POLL

As kids we always pretended to talk on the “phone” using the most random objects like chocolate bars, toy phones, or our hands even! Unless of course, you were born in the 2000s in which case you probably got your first smartphone in kindergarten. But anyway, what if we told you that we weren’t too far away from reality as kids because there exists a bright yellow banana shaped phone! And yes, we can make and receive calls using the banana.

No, this not a joke! A group called Banana Phone (still not a joke) has created the appealing (pun intended) piece of technology, which is a bluetooth-enabled handset that connects to your smart phone enabling you to call someone and take calls as well. And what’s more? The handset works through Siri/Google Assistant, so you just have to speak into the banana. Now that’s a sentence I never thought I would write!

You will be able to purchase the banana phone for a suggested retail price of $50 once it goes on sale, but you can back it for $40 on the company’s Indiegogo page.

But is that all? A fancy $50 banana-shaped phone that you can take and make calls one? Actually no, one percent of phone profits will to towards Gearing Up For Gorillas, a nonprofit that focuses on the conservation of the rare mountain gorilla in Virunga National Park. Find out more about the phone in this video.

Banana Phone – A Phone With Appeal

So what do you think about this fruity banana phone? Let us know in the votes below!

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