Yum! Brands On Cunningham Road Bangalore


Despite the 9% percent decrease in the sales the last quarter, Yum! Brands outlets on Cunningham Road, Bangalore are still abuzz with the city flutter. This road houses a multitude of corporate offices and Banks, hospitals and schools, as well as law firms. The road remains crowded until 10.30 pm, busy with the day’s work. The many restaurants too draw crowd here, but the daily routine of work keeps the many people of this city take this road. This cantonment area is much likely to opt for burgers and fried chicken, pizzas and fusion tastes. Precisely why the Yum! Brands can heave a sigh of relief because this locality is still curiously keen on the crunch!



The footfall is reason enough to keep these places going, if not full! The colleges that too are located in this area make for meeting spots, and a purchase thus underlined add to the profit. The many visiting entities to the nearby hospitals tend to walk into these quick serving and waiter-free place, to make a purchase and walk away on to the crowded pavement to a thought provoking munch on the prognosis of the dear one. The animated briefs discussed by lawyers, whose office will be in the vicinity, over the crisp chicken on the crunch of a moot-point, only auger sales. The school goers look to a quick satiation before the bus comes to a halt to carry them home. Pizza Hut serves up choices and the sizes to a plenty of choices easy to make on the run and some choices out of sheer pet-chomps.

Central Point of Business

Yum! Brands, have taken into consideration the not very long road, Cunningham Road, Bangalore, but the length of its sustenance in business, the Bangalore Police Commissioner’s Office just a few steps away with tourists having to do their extension of stay paperwork, often find recourse in foods that they are used to spotting in their own countries. The road is vibrant with students and sprightly young people, Bangalore is a very young city, with even mature minds being young at heart, the reason why the many cuisines find their appreciation in this nice folks.

Pizza Hut Menu


Reaching Out

Yum! Brands have most evidently Indianized their food to satisfy the Indian love of chillies. The KFC Rice Bowls Begin at Rs. 135/- for the vegetarian, called the Vegetarian Strips Bowl. For the non-vegetarian Chicken Popcorn Bowl at Rs. 145/-.  Well, if that is not heart-warming then nothing is on the sub-continent! Hence Yum! Brands are visible more by choice rather than sight to most on the road. Also they have small desserts for the sweet-toothed! The small neighbourhood that thrives there find it convenient to just buy non-messy parcels to a pyjama-party for their wards! Well food business is serious stuff from where parenting begins these days…These days some Food Brands just stick more from reasons of comfort and convenience rather than market trending! It cannot be said food is not seasonal in Bangalore, but definitely a habit forming exercise!       

Courtesy: Picture Zomato