You’ve Heard of the Hotdog Now Here’s the Japadog

Japanese food in India isn’t known for being the ‘economical option’. More often than not, the best Japanese food can be found at 5 star hotels or swanky restaurants. However, Simply Sushi is changing the game by offering affordable prices and a Japanese version of the hotdog.

The Japadog evolves from simple mustard and relish to seaweed, wasabi, and other Japanese condiments as garnishing. Keep the sausage and bun and add a dash of Japanese twist with Teriyaki, Japanese mayo, caramelised onions, and there you have it. There are also flavours like kimchi and chilli bean.

You've Heard of the Hotdog Now Here's the Japadog

Spearheaded by internationally renowned chef Yutaka Saito, Executive Chef at Simply Sushi the Japadog was introduced under the guidance of Mayank Tiwari, Group Executive Chef of PVR.

“When it comes to food, we eat with our eyes first. This leads to a key emphasis on the technique used in preparation. Each item on the menu served at Simply Sushi lends a diversified texture profile, ensuring a burst of flavours to the palate,” says Chef Saito, who has been in India for the past seven years.

“It is very difficult to acquire fresh and good quality ingredients to serve to our guests. So, most of the ingredients are flown in directly from the Tsukiji market in Japan,” says Chef Saito. This only adds to the authentic flavour of their batera sushi, temaki rolls, maki sushi rolls and Japadogs.

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