This YouTuber Proves That The Japanese Really Love Their KFC

While the rest of the world enjoys dining on roast turkeys, stuffing and fruit cakes on Christmas, the Japanese enjoy chowing down on KFC chicken. Typically, these feasts involve a couple of servings of three pieces of fried chicken and chicken nuggets per family.


Last Christmas, a Japanese YouTuber, Kinoshita Yuka went a little more extreme; she demolished a full chicken, a five piece meal, four chicken tenders, ten nuggets, two BBQ pieces and – as a tiny nod to vegetables – a tub of coleslaw.

Meet  Kinoshita Yuka

Kinoshita is a tiny YouTuber from Japan who, in a description on her YouTube page, says “” I love eating. OoGui (eating a lot) is my channel’s main focus. I often do a social eating live (Mukbang).”

Videos on the channel include her eating 5 Big Macs and deep fried potatoes, 4 kilos of omelettes and miso soup and 50 pieces of sushi.

Her KFC Christmas

On December 24th, she uploaded a video on her page where she enjoyed a KFC feast. While eating the meal (with a smile on her face the entire time) she reviews what she’s eating.

For instance, she says “KFC’s nuggets are so tender and oishiijj the tenders have an ice hit of pepper” while, when talking about the KFC pieces she said “the 7 herbs and spices that are part of the coating is so Oishii I love it.”

Do you need any other evidence that the Japanese really, really love KFC?