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If You’re In The US, You Can Now Order Domino’s Pizza Through Facebook Messenger


Do you anticipate wanting pizza this Super Bowl Sunday but think you’ll be too lazy to open the app or – heavens forbid – make a call? Have no fear; the Domino’s messenger bot is here.

Order Through Facebook Messenger

The Domino’s Messenger Bot will allow people to order pizzas, wings and desserts – indeed, the whole menu, by typing out a message to it on Facebook Messenger.

There’s one catch; you’ll have to pay for the delivered food in cash.

Dominos released the feature just before Super Bowl Sunday, which is one of the busiest delivery days in the US. This year, Dominos has said it expects to deliver 12 million pizzas this Sunday.  

In the past, Dominos has invited customers to tweet their orders using emojis on Twitter. It has also tested drone delivery and – more bizarrely – reindeer delivery in Japan.