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You’re probably going to get into a beef with your Cardiologist over these Bacon-Wrapped Fried Oreos


It all started off, harmless, with Oreos. Then we progressed onto a slightly heavier version with deep-fried Oreos. And now, the Gods of the fat food world have blessed us with an innovation of bacon-fried Oreos. Who are the Gods of the fat food worlds? Oh Bite It! – the food blog who recently posted this simple recipe online.

The food blog, known for bringing the greasy, cheesy, and bacon-wrapped foods of our dreams to life, calls their bacon-fried Oreos “beautifully balanced.” 

 We are not sure yet whether this counts as a dessert, a side dish, or a ‘healthy snack’. But what we do know is that it is incredibly easy making it all the more tempting. Simply wrap each Oreo in a slice of bacon, pierce it with a toothpick, and deep-fry in canola oil until evenly golden on all sides. The blogger suggests eating them warm, and urges you to use discretion when deciding whether or not to share your batch.

Yes, our mouths love them, but our hearts? Maybe not so much.