If You’re In Japan You Can Score Curly Fries At McDonald’s


Japan is always at the forefront of the food revolution, whether it’s considering using reindeer to deliver pizza, putting 10,000 spins on a Kit Kat or producing chocolate scented incense sticks. Most recently, McDonald’s Japan added ‘Twister Fries; to its menu.

Fries Get Curly

The Twister Fries were first introduced in 2015 and quickly found fans amongst many. So, McDonald’s Japan has decided to bring them back for a limited time.

If You're In Japan You Can Score Curly Fries At McDonald's

The fries are oh-so-curly and lightly seasoned and are priced at 320 Japanese yen which is about 190. According to Japan Today, “It’s a little steep for what’s essentially just a more circular and slightly more flavorful fry, but in Japan curlies are relatively hard to come by, so they can probably still sell well at a premium.”

The fries will be available only for a few days, so rush out and get yours now!