Your Ultimate Guide To Iftaari At Mohammed Ali Road During Ramadan 2018

Your Ultimate Guide To Iftaari At Mohammed Ali Road During Ramadan 2018

Mouth-watering sweets, wafting aroma of kebabs and the happy crowd binging away in the narrow lanes of Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai. Ramadan 2018 is here and we’ve got our Iftaari game strong; here’s all you need to know what to eat, where to eat and how to go about relishing the sumptuous food at the well-known lane in the city.

Reach down to Minara Masjid and buy a couple of dates from the vendors to break the fast. Now head to Suleiman Usman Bakery where you need to make a right and from there on follow our lead.

Street Food

Once you take a right you’ll see a galore of street food which is dominated by chicken. You’ll see it being marinated, skewered, grilled and served piping hot to the customers. Try the variety of chicken tikkas, kebabs, baida roti, fried chicken, Chicken 65, even burgers and hot dogs and a whole variety of tandoori dishes on a variety of stalls as you scrounge through the lane.

The popular restaurants like Janta, Mashallah and Marhaba extend further down to the streets so that regulars can take a pick from the sumptuous food on display which is being cooked, plated and garnished right in front of them. We recommend going at a time when there is lesser crowd, perhaps early evening on weekends or late evening after Iftaari on weekdays so that you can take a feel of the entire place as you settle down with your first pick.


There are plentiful of shawarma-wallahs during Ramadan at Mohammed Ali Road and you can take a pick from where you like it the best. You’ll see a tricolour variety of chicken on the shawarma spit as well while the vendors will be busy heating up the bread, slicing up the chicken and spreading sauces as the orders keep pouring in.

Badami Haleem

We relished the delicacy of Ramadan which is Haleem. Here’s the plus point of having it at Mohammed Ali Road, if you’ve never tried it, you can taste it before buying some. In fact, the vendors are more than happy to give you a spoonful. The texture is thick, meaty and is eaten with nothing but a garnish of fried onions and a squeeze of lemon. We found it quite delicious.


To wash down the tikka and shawarma you can opt for the colourful faloodas being sold at various shops like Mustafa Coldrinks. The colours are lent from saffron, red and pink coloured vermicelli. You can also quench the heat by sipping on a refreshing badam milkshake which is sold in sweet shops.

Halwa Puri

Speaking of sweets, as you head further, at the corner of Khandwani Jamatkhana Chowk there is a Halwa-Puri wala which will keep all foodies satiated. Not only is the halwa to die for, they even weigh out the dish so that you can have the desired quantity.

Mawa Jalebi

Right next to the Halwa Puri wala you’ll find Burhanpur Jalebi Centre popular for their drool-worthy Mawa Jalebis.

Not only were the jalebis sinfully delicious, but watching them make the roundels is like watching an artist at work.

Mutton Curry

Out on a huge tawa, one of the chefs’ at Bademiya right ahead of the jalebi-wala will be constantly stirring up a mouth-watering Mutton Curry getting it ready to be devoured.

Nalli Nihari

For the lovers’ of Nalli Nihari, Bheja Fry and of course the irresistible Biryani, we recommend heading to Chinese N Grill and relish these meaty delights. It was packed with regulars and first timers who were not only ready to wait their turn but were actually seen enjoying the delicacies.


Take a dive into a variety of phirnis sold at many stalls within the street as you walk back towards Suleiman Usman Bakery. You’ll find the quintessential elaichi flavour of course, but look out for the luscious kesar and mango phirnis too.


Nope, not a footwear, Saandal is actually a sweet made out of steamed rice batter topped with soft malai and pista. Now, this deserves a special mention as there are people who love desserts but don’t wish them to be overly sweet so this is perfect for them.


Satiate your malpua cravings at Suleiman Usman Bakery or Suleiman Mithaiwala as both fry fresh lots splashing it with delicious rabdi. Best enjoyed hot and crispy it is the perfect way to end the feast. Plus you can also buy many other kinds of sweets like Khaja and Gulab Jamun at the sweet-shop.

Cover Image: bambaiyyaa