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Your Instagram Food Feed Will Come To Life Next Week 


Have you ever drooled over photographs of home-made food in your Instagram feed, wondering why you can’t cook like that, or at least get a taste? What are we asking – of course you have. If you follow Marissa Bronfman president of Moxie Media, and the cook and photographer behind bowls of gorgeous, healthy food on Instagram (@MarissaBronfman) then your dreams are about to come true. 

Bronfman will be opening a vegan café in Bandra, Bowl Bar, by the end of the year, but will start delivering samples of her vegan, healthy treats across the city in a week! Along with these deliveries, Bronfman and her team will launch a blog, which will be your go to guide for all things green. Until then, we can only drool over our Instagram feed. Here are our favourites from @BowlBar

Chia Seed Pudding

Almond Milk

Bliss Balls  

Have these got you as excited as we are? Then, leave a comment with Bowl Bar on their Instagram on Twitter pages and they’ll let you know as soon as they start delivering. Clean eating has never been this simple!