Your Gateway To Munich This Oktoberfest At Gateway Taproom

Your Gateway To Munich This Oktoberfest At Gateway Taproom

Synonymous with beer, Oktoberfest is an opportunity to further your love for beer as Gateway Brewing Co’s craft beers are set to shake things up with two specially designed variants Bomberg – a deliciously smoked beer inspired from the smoked beers of Bamberg in Germany and Oktoberfest, a toasty, caramel lager made with locally sourced Munich & Vienna malts. On offer will also be their popular German style in-house beers like the White Zen& Doppelganger along with other favorites like Side Car, our apple cider, Citra IPA, Valencia Orange Wheat etc.  An exquisite range of European food that include Oktoberfest specials like Käsespätzle, Mushroom Stroganoff, Half Roast Chicken, Curry Wurst along with the special Oktoberfest all day breakfast offering.


Inspired by the smoked beers of Bamberg in Germany, ‘Bomberg’, is a perfect concoction that is full of character and of course, taste. Made with judicious, not generous, quantities of smoked malt (rauch malt) along with locally produced barley, this beer boasts a very prominent deep brown colour with a subtle smoky character that lingers until the last sip. The practice of drying malts, over open flames that burn beechwood, allows the smoke to infuse into the malt which is then carried forward into the beer. The rich and malty sweet taste reminiscent of candied bacon is a great option with vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike! A perfect companion to all things grilled! Get grilled with Bomberg!


The Oktoberfest lager is deep gold to orange in colour and is beautifully balanced. With a malt-forward profile that showcases toasty, caramel-like flavours, it is a marriage of Munich & Vienna malts that have been sourced from local suppliers.

Born when Munich celebrated the Crown Prince’s wedding with a special beer party that ran for 16 days, Mumbai  is a city that welcomes Oktoberfest with great zest and fervour! Any festival is incomplete without scrumptious bites to shake up the taste buds, and our special menu offers dishes that perfectly complement our range of German style beers.

The most delightful cut of pork and an absolute must-have for any Oktoberfest celebration, our Roasted Bavarian Pork Knuckle is cooked exactly like the Germans would cook it: crispy skin on the outside and tender juicy meat, that has cooked in its own fats, inside! This flavourful cut works beautifully with all our craft beers but particularly with White Zen, Doppelganger & Oktoberfest bier – all German style beers.

Pasta lovers rejoice, as you no longer need to pick between American Macaroni & Cheese and Creamy Pasta! Whichever you have eaten and loved so far, there is yet another version that is equally delightful. We make the German version called Käsespätzle with hand churned noodles, exacting their technique, and layer it with rich Emmental cheese garnished with fried onions! – an absolute delight.

Britishers and their love for curry is well known but, Germans & curry! Blame the British soldiers in Germany who were generous with their ketchup and curry powder that led to someone mixing it all up German style! This crazy mix of ingredients and sausages works very well with beer and, in typical German street fashion, we serve our Currywurst with French fries – enjoy!

It doesn’t end there and one can also pick from Mushroom or Tenderloin Stroganoff with Pappardelle, Grilled Trout with pink peppercorn butter and Spätzle, Half Roast Chicken with cabbage and apple slaw, Sausage and meat platter and lots more!

Music: Authentic German

Date: September 24th- October 14th, 2018

Time: 12pm- 1:30am

Venue: Ground Godrej BKC Building Unit No. 3, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex