Your Fortune Holds Adorable Little Kittens According To This Fortune Cookie

Do you believe in fortune cookies? Yes? Then wait till you actually crack one open and you’ll know better than trusting a cookie with your future. Even though a large section of us don’t fall for the fortune cookie’s prediction, we do still want it every time we dine a Chinese restaurant.


Japanese Fortune

Although invented in San Fransico, this edible American shrink has been masquerading as a Chinese grub. And now Japan just entered the cookie game room with its adorable Cat Crackers.

Online novelty and candy shop Felissimo has come up with the Agashi Nyanko Kaurenbo, or “Hide-and-Seek Kitty Cookies”. The cookies are russet fortune cookie-like triangular rice crackers that hold tiny kitten figurines inside it.baa584815b9cb80f1412a2b321d8120d


Felissimo Felines

Like every fortune cookie, the delights encased inside are neither edible nor same for all. Handcrafted and made of wood, the kittens have varying expressions and postures. So they could either be waving a tiny little paw at you or be deep in sleep.fortunecatcookiepairfortunecookiecathi

The website is selling the cat-filled crackers online and are charging ¥ 2,200, (~ US $18) for two crackers along with which you get a pack of karinto – sweet sticks made of yeast, brown sugar and flour.


So now that you have the option of delightful little kittens, would you still want some ambiguous piece of advice at the end of your meal?