Your Cup Of Coffee Just Got A Tech Upgrade

A hot cup of coffee or tea is the elixir that soothes your senses. But what if that nice hot cup of coffee is too hot? It might burn your senses. The solution to the problem comes through a Kickstarter campaign for a food thermometer called the Readysip. 

Readysip is a fancier thermometer which notifies you when the your cup of coffee or tea is at the perfect temperature to consume, so you don’t scald your tongue or the other sensitive parts of your mouth. It is a thermometer attached to a LED on top which tells you when your beverage reaches the optimal temperature with the flashing of green light. Similarly when the light is red, you better not touch the cup because it is scalding hot. The blue light indicates that you need to put that cup back in the microwave because it too cold to drink. 


Readysip is also bluetooth enabled so you can monitor the temperature of your cup. You can even adjust the settings on Readysip to better suit your senses. So, if you like your coffee a little hotter than others, change the settings in your app and you are good to go. The bluetooth enabled device also sends out notifications to your phone when your beverage reaches the suitable temperature. 

The project on Kickstarter is on the way to reach its goal of $20,000 and you can contribute to rid the world of burned tongues. You will also receive exclusive goodies for your contribution. The product is scheduled to reach the public 1n May 2016.