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You’ll Never Guess What’s The New Flavour Of Dunkin’ Donut Coffee


The US outlets of Dunkin’ Donuts is all set to launch a limited edition flavour to their coffee on 26th Feb as reported by Refinery 29.  The unbelievable flavour is nothing but the one that tastes just like one of the most popular cookies in the country. The new entrant is Girl Scout Cookie Coffee!

Coffee With A Twist

The Girl Scout Cookie Coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts will have all the three flavours that the original cookies are available in – Thin Mint, Coconut Caramel and Peanut Butter. We wonder how the cookies dunked into the co-ordinating flavoured coffees would taste like. Refinery 29 further reports that the Girl Scout Cookie Coffees will be available in hot and iced coffees along with lattes, macchiatos, frozen coffee and frozen chocolate. The Thin Mint lattes will have the flavour of mint with chocolate whereas the Peanut Butter Cookie Macchiato will have the flavours of peanut butter along with chocolate and coffee.

The special coffees will be released in co-ordination with 2018’s National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend that ends on 25th Feb. During this time Dunkin’ Donuts across the US will let local Girl Scout troops sell the cookies in the outlets. The coffees will remain in stores till the end of May 2018.