You’ll Never Guess What Flavour Of Kit Kats You’ll Be Able To Get Next Year

Kit Kat lovers; listen up! Rumour has it that Kit Kat will be launching Red Velvet Kit Kat Miniatures next year; blending two decadently delicious sweet treats together.

The Red Velvet Dream

Red velvet desserts have been heavily Instagrammed over the past few years; they’re made with red food colouring and a cream cheese frosting.

Kit Kats, of course, are chocolate covered wafers.

According to Candy Hunting, an Instagram account, Kit Kats will soon be available in Red Velvet Flavour.

According to the page, these treats will not be available until Valentines’ Day next year. However, we’ll take it; it’s proof that 2017 is going to start off on a great note.