You Can Drink Your Milkshake Through A Churro Straw at Del Taco

While Del Taco may not be the first name that springs to your mind when you think about a fast food chain, they’re changing the playing field with their latest item on the menu. Del Taco will have you living your best life with their new churro straws that their milkshakes will be served with instead of the environmentally harmful plastic straws.

The new shake is named the Churro Dipper and is a part of Del Taco’s Late Night Bites Menu – it’s got a vanilla base and is topped with chocolate sauce swirls.

PS. You can also order the churro straws separately as a part of the dessert menu, but we’re pretty sure that Instagram is going to go crazy for the Churro Dipper. I mean, dessert drunk out of another dessert! It doesn’t get more revolutionary than that!

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