Yogi Adityanath Is Hosting A Feast For 100 Dalits In Gorakhpur

The last few days have been quite unpleasantly eventful, to say the least, in Saharanpur. The unrest in the area has led a lot of people to believe that the Bharatiya Janta Party is largely anti-dalit, and that is something that the ruling party cannot afford for the people to believe. So in what is being touted as “damage control” by many, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will host a feast in his hometown, Gorakhpur, today where he will share food with over 100 Dalits.

Gorakhpur’s Harnampur village has been equipped with a makeshift kitchen where the day’s food will be cooked. The menu is fairly simple, comprising of plain rice, dal, aloo parwal ki sabzi and Yogi’s favourite lauki ki sabzi, revealed Ram Snehi, a helper at the makeshift kitchen.

In addition to a makeshift kitchen, other elaborate arrangements have been made including a separate place on the ground for Yogi to sit as the others will be seated in front of him in rows.

As mentioned before, the lunch will be attended by members of the Dalit community to rid everyone of the notion that BJP is anti-dalit, a belief that has been widespread since a clash between them and the upper caste Thakurs in Saharanpur last month, in which at least three persons were killed and many huts belonging to Dalits set on fire. Notably, Yogi Adityanath is also a Thakur.


Source: India Today

Feature Image: Quartz