This Year’s Governor’s Ball Will Be Nothing Short Of A Royal Feast!

This year’s Academy Awards, a.k.a. the much-coveted Oscars, are just round the corner (28th February), and while we can’t wait to find out who bags how many golden figurines, we do know what the attendees will be filling up on. According to Refinery29, the snacks during the actual ceremony will be limited but the official after-party, the Governor’s Ball, will pack an uber lavish spread.

The party will serve up a banquet put together by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, who’ll be at the helm for the 22nd year in a row. Take a look at the elaborate three page long Oscar menu – complete with gluten free (GF), dairy free (DF), and even nut free (NF) options – to get an idea of what it is like to dine at the Governor’s Ball.


 And just in case your conscience doesn’t allow you to go through the three pages of lavishness, here’s a quick look at the night’s spread: Mini Burgers, Aged Cheddar, Remoulade (NF), Smoked Salmon Oscar Matzo (NF), Assorted Pizza (some Vegetarian, Some Vegan, NF), Korean Steak Tartare on Puffed Rice (NF); followed by Baked Potato with Caviar (GF, NF); Chicken Pot Pie, Black Truffles (NF); Sunchoke Soup with Black Truffle (Vegetarian); Baked Macaroni and Cheese; and all this topped of with dessert, which will include the likes of lava cakes, sorbet, and gelato, in addition to a MASSIVE chocolate buffet!

It is immensely interesting – and comforting – to see how Chef Puck has mostly put together variations (read, served with truffle and caviar) of comfort foods like pizza, burgers, and ice creams. And adding to our observation, 89th Oscars Governors Ball ‘fun facts’ page also notes that the after party will also include 15 pounds of white truffles, 10 kilos (around 22 lbs) of caviar, 30 lbs of gold dust, and 7000 mini chocolate Oscars to feed almost 1500 guests.


Featured Image: Harper’s Bazaar