This Year’s Super Bowl Will See Its First Live Ad From Snickers

Every year The Super Bowl, the annual championship game of the National Football League in America is watched by over 110 million viewers. It’s understandable, thereforem, that advertising during the Super Bowl is both expensive and extremely important. This year, Mars Inc will be airing the first live Super Bowl commercial for its Snickers chocolates.

Reinventing Advertising

The ad, which has been conceptualised and executed by MARs Inc’s advertising executives, O Positive and BBDO, will star actor Adam Driver.

While Mars Inc is being cagey about what the ad will actually feature, it has been releasing sneak peeks on its YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts. From what we can surmise, the ad will involve a horse and a dead cowboy.

“Every year we challenge ourselves to find new ways to satisfy our fans hunger for entertainment by delivering something new and breakthrough, and there is no better way than being the first to have a Super Bowl live ad,” said Allison Miazga-Bedrick the SNICKERS® Brand Director. “But the actual ad is only part of the equation – we’re also going to support our 30 second live ad with over 30 hours of original content that we’ll stream live leading up to the Super Bowl.”

Keep your eye on the Snickers Facebook page for more information; they’ll start streaming live streams about the ad on Thursday.