Yay Or Nay: Domino’s Choco Pizza #POLL

Domino’s has been on top of its innovation game for the past few months – both internationally and in the Indian market. While the pizza magnate has introduced a number of new and innovative ways of delivering pizza overseas, the Indian consumers are being treated to delicious new menu additions like the burger pizza, gourmet pizzas, and the two new recent introductions – the Quattro Formaggi Burst Pizza and the Choco Pizza.

Now, let’s talk about the Choco Pizza. No offense, we do love the Quattro Formaggi too but CHOCOLATE PIZZA! We have seen legendary hot chocolate fudges, crunchy McFlurries, piping hot brownie and ice cream, and the rich decadent likes, but chocolate loaded pizza is a whole new phenomena. One that needs your immediate attention. We tried it, and you must too. So, would you like to indulge in the chocolate brownie, chocolate cookie, cheesecake, coconut nougat, and choco fudge topped yumminess for your next dessert? And if you’ve tried it did you like it? Let us know in the votes below!

Feature Image: (Representational Image) Max Brenner