Yay or Nay: Disney Inspired Lattes, a.k.a., Creamart #POLL

We haven’t even completed six months of the New Year and there are already so many new food and drink trends to keep up with! From slightly overdone rainbow/unicorn food trend to some rather repulsive insect laden food making it to our social media feeds, we’ve seen quite a few things. Adding to that ever growing list now is a Disney inspired latte. That’s right you can now have Disney in a coffee mug!

Korean coffee artist Kangbin Lee took all the magic and colour out of our favourite Disney movies and poured it beautifully into a coffee mug, calling it Creamart. Because, why not!

According to BuzzFeed, it started as a way to “find amazing and delicate new flavors of coffee” and has really taken off. And needless to say Instagram is obsessed as are Lee’s followers. In fact, Lee has now even started taking up students for special cream art classes!

Cream art or coffee art or foam art isn’t something that the social media universe is alien to. From gorgeous intricate designs to delicious flavours we’ve a whole bunch of creativity go into that mug. But Lee’s work is definitely a class apart. I’m not sure whether it’s the neatness, all those colours, or the simple fact that Bambi, Belle, Aladdin, and Snow White are floating atop a friggin’ coffee mug, but I’m all for this gorgeousness.

What do you think? Is creamart your cup of coffee? Vote below and let us know!

Feature Image: Generating Kopi Katha