Yay or Nay: Cookie Dough Stuffed Kit Kats #POLL

Keeping up with the creatively inclined times that have seen an Oreo-filled Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, Cheetos Pizza, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry cookies, and the likes, Nestle’s wafer chocolate brand Kit Kat has also come up with a deliciously sinful hybrid of its own. Behold, the Cookie Dough Kit Kat!

The chocolate is every bit like what it sounds – layers of Kit Kat wafer and chocolate with a fat tier of cookie dough. Although the cookie dough Kit Kat have been a part of Europe’s confectionary aisles since August 206, it made it was across the Atlantic to North America only recently. And while Canada is happily munching on these Cookie Dough Chunkies (yep, not a regular Kit Kat but a CHUNKY), the States will have to wait a tad longer. Meanwhile, we’ll just take a poll and get to know how you feel about Nestlé’s latest Frankestein-ish creation.

Would you try the new Kit Kat Chunky Cookie Dough?

And if you’re really truly dying to sink your teeth into the candy, order yours online here!