Yay or Nay: Cherry Flavoured Sprite #POLL

Following in the footsteps of its sweet Spring-special Cola variant in Japan, Coca Cola has now given the world of sodas two brand new Sprite flavors – Sprite Cherry and Sprite Cherry Zero. Sprite has always been the less caffeinated and more fruit-inclined of the Coca Cola family and this new addition to its flavor portfolio just take things up a notch. According to Bobby Oliver, director of Sprite & Citrus Brands for Coca-Cola North America, the data taken from Coca-Cola Freestyle machines across the United States proved that people really love the clear soda with added cherry flavor. And heeding to the consumers’ needs the soda giant decided to roll out the cherry variant of Sprite.

As per people who have managed to down this Spring-themed soda, Sprite Cherry has the obvious and super sweet cherry flavor with trailing notes of the original lemon and lime combination. Basically, Sprite has managed to hold on to its USP while giving it a new kick. Sounds like a winner to us! What about you? Would you chug some of this sweet cherry-flavoured Sprite this season? Vote below!

Featured Image: Consumerist