Yauatcha Celebrates Its Anniversary In Mumbai With An Exquisite New Menu


Since it opened its doors in Mumbai’s BKC complex five years ago, Yauatcha has been a host to streams of fine dining lovers. Today, the contemporary dim sum tea house boasts a long list of regular patrons who love the restaurant’s Asian delicacies and the exemplary dining experience it offers.

Anniversary Celebrations

To celebrate a successful five years in Mumbai and offer loyal customers new tastes, Yauatcha recently launched a new menu.


Curated by Head Chef Wang Yixuan, the new menu places a focus on dim sum, wok dishes and desserts including dishes like the Mandarin Dumpling, Spicy Pork Wantons in Szechuan Sauce, Har Gau and Chocolate Pebbles and Blueberry Pistachio bars for dessert.

Commenting on the occasion, Cheg Yixuan said “drawing inspiration from ingredients and balancing them to create signatures at Yauatcha has been an intensive process. I am looking forward to serving guests the new delicacies that further embark them onto a journey of gastronomical bliss.”


Tasting The Talk

Early this week, we stepped into Yauatcha to celebrate their anniversary with a feast.

We began by indulging our carnivorous side with a serving of Pan Seared Sesame Pork Buns. Encrusted with crunchy sesame seeds the buns themselves were pillowy soft and filled with a generous amount of subtly spiced pork, making for the perfect way to start our meal.


We next sampled the Lobster Dumplings with tobiko caviar – true blue gourmet treats which boasted an exquisite balance of textures thanks to the soft lobster, sticky wrapper and popping tobiko – flying fish roe – combination.

Next up was the Prawn Har Gao which also boasted rich, popping caviar atop a pearly pink wrapper. The prawn filling was smooth and spicy.

For mains, we called for the Guandong Roast Chicken, the Chili Prawn with Mantao and the Roast pork and Prawn fried rice. While we particularly loved the roast pork and prawn fried rice with delicately balanced, subtle flavours and hearty helpings of tender pork and juicy prawns, the roast chicken was also a hit thanks to its crispy, sweet skin and tender meat.


Finally, we wrapped up our feast the Chocolate Pebble, an exquisite treat which combines rich, alto el sol dark chocolate  with a rich crème, brownie and caramelised white chocolate to create a sweet medley of flavours.

The luxurious taste of the Chocolate Pebble was the perfect ending to a truly divine meal which succeeded in taking us on – in Chef Yixuan’s words-  “a journey of gastronomical bliss.”


To sum up, if exquisite fare, impeccable service and an alluring, relaxing ambience sound like your idea of a perfect night, make it your mission to visit Yauatcha.