Wrap It Up With Costa Coffee’s New Range Of Wraps

The Devyani International Limited managed Costa Coffee India has added new wraps to its product portfolio. These wraps are available in both veg and non-veg variants.

Wrap It Up!

The chain is now serving a Moroccan Tofu and Grilled Veggie wrap which is made with tortilla bread filled with Morrocan marinated bean curd chunks, grilled veggies and a Moroccan sauce and a Chicken Seekh Kebab wrap, which are made of tortilla bread filled with chicken kebabs, grilled veggies and a creamy Arabic sauce. 


While the non-veg wrap is priced at Rs.145, the veg wrap is priced at Rs.155.

Commenting on the new products, Ashish Chanana, the COO of Costa Coffee India said “At Costa, we believe in offering our customers a balanced and varied menu that’s full of great choices, be it gourmet sandwiches, our signature muffins or something more indulgent. Costa wraps, our brand new addition, has been created to give our patrons a healthy protein-rich lunch or filling snack option as they go about their busy lives.”

Costa Coffee, which is owned by Whitbread PLC was brought to India by Devyani international Limited in 2005. It has 90 outlets spread across malls, airports, hospitals, business hubs, highways and high streets.