Would You Want A McDonald’s Themed Wedding?

Every girl starts dreams of her wedding day to be perfect with flowers, beautiful settings, and flawless clothes. But some brides would rather celebrate their love with food than with lilies. Remember as kids we used to imagine the craziest of things lime a world of candy, a house of chocolate and so on? For a Massachusetts couple, their childhood fantasy became reality.80_BigEMcNuptials-092515-36.0.0



Meet John Romani and Mary Anne Purdy, winners of a facebook contest that won them a big fat McWedding. Yep, the couple recently got married at New England’s biggest state fair, The Big E.

The nuptial shenanigans took place atop the fair’s biggest attraction, a gigantic red and yellow slide sponsored by McD. The Man, Ronald McDonald himself, graced the event and clearly everyone was lovin’ it.

To add to the red and yellow theme was a giant cake as well in the shape of the giant slide with the bride and groom figurines standing on top.100_BigEMcNuptials-092515-1.0


Love at First Bite

This ain’t the first time food/retail chain has led to holy matrimony. Before the Romani couple too there were couples who couldn’t do without FMCG involvement on their special day.

Earlier this year, when Ashley King and Joel Burger got hitched, Burger King was more than happy to provide for party favors like paper crowns, hamburger socks and cufflinks with ‘BK’ embossed. The burger chain also took care – financially – of the wedding.


In other news, a couple just changed their names to Sally Hut and Harry Pizza. Pizza Hut was unavailable for comments.giphy (5)


Image Source: Eater