Would You Try This Tarantula Burger Challenge?
April 15, 2018
Christina George (1580 articles)

Would You Try This Tarantula Burger Challenge?

If you’re like Ron Weasley, then arachnophobia is a real fear. However, one restaurant has roasted it and put it on a burger. Bull City Burger in Durham, North Carolina has created the $30 Tarantula Burger challenge as part of their Exotic Meat Month.

As per Bull City Burger’s website, they’ve only roasted a limited number of tarantulas so you’ll have to put your name in the raffle if you want to try the Tarantula Burger Challenge. Raffle winners are then posted on social media and have 48 hours to contact the restaurant to secure their challenge.

And, to be honest, without the spider, the burger actually sounds pretty good. It consists of pasture-raised North Carolina beef, gruyere cheese, and spicy chili sauce, accompanied with “Dirty Fries.” If you do manage to scarf down the tarantula you’ll get your picture taken and receive a limited-edition Tarantula Challenge t-shirt as a reward. Tbh, we think the novelty of eating a whole spider is more than enough.

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Christina George

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