Would You Try A $100,000 Bottle Of Water? 2 Chainz And Diplo Just Did

Water is one of our most prime needs, derived from natural resources. Seeing it as nature’s gift to mankind, do you think it’s fair if one had to pay close to a fortune for water? Or for that matter, considering it a natural resource, pay anything for it at all? The way we get water works differently across the world and by household. While some parts of the world pay for water subscriptions, or buy automatic filters, tanks, or take it by the barrel, there’s many cities where water is just free. Free. Like, right out of the tap, free. On that note, let’s give you a little shock and tell you that there is such a thing as expensive water. How expensive? Like $100,000 expensive. 

So what’s this expensive water about? We’re already wondering if this was something found in an exotic, hidden valley far, far away, but it’s probably not. Bottled by the water sommelier, Martin Reise, this is known to be one of the most expensive luxury waters and it’s no wonder it’s been featured on a video series. Hosted by 2 Chainz, a famous rapper in America, Diplo joins as guest to taste this mineral-infused water. But will they be convinced of it’s worth? Let’s find out: