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Would you like to Home Deliver Food from a Michelin Starred Restaurant?


As much fun it is to eat out at a lovely restaurant, some days you just feel like staying in. Haven’t you had those days where you would just like to sit on your couch in front of the TV, with your favourite blank and order in food while you flip through channels? Well, we have. The only catch is that we sometimes compromise just a bit on the food. It’s not that take out food isn’t good, but it isn’t going to be star quality. 

Enter Supper, a home delivery service that delivers from Michelin starred restaurants. Yes, you got that right. Supper is the brainchild of former bonds trader Peter Georgiou. 

Supper has already paired with London’s top 20 restaurants including Benares, Tamarind and Bar Boulud. It isn’t all that different from your normal online ordering, except your food is delivered in specially designed bikes that have control temperature compartments on the back, ensuring food arrives fresh and hot. Items that the restaurants don’t think travel well are removed from the online menus allowing them to maintain some control over quality.

Georgiou got the idea for SUPPER after returning to London from a stint in New York, only to be disappointed how poorly equipped the city was for delivering high-quality food.

 For now, they only deliver to central London in an effort to maintain quality control.

Georgiou says SUPPER offers a new revenue streams for London’s already-popular restaurants, and giving new customers access to restaurants with strict reservation policies.

His sights are now set on high-profile partners like Jamie Oliver and some of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, and while they’re courting more casual diners, Georgiou says they’re keeping an eye on quality.

“There’s economy on a plane and then there’s first class. We’re right at the front of the plane.”