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Would You Like To Eat, Sorry, Play A Guitar Made From Tortilla Chips?


Have you ever strummed on your guitar and then sometimes wished you eat tortilla chips while doing it? 

Well, we don’t know about you but we certainly haven’t but the folks at American food chain Moe’s Southwest Grill have and have commissioned real life tortilla guitars to be made in promotion of their upcoming free queso day coined ‘quesopalooza’.

“We started talking about how cool it would be to create an actual guitar out of chips,” says Moe’s creative director Brandon Friedman. “Then we said, what if it could actually play?

According to Designboom, Atlanta props was asked to build a real chip instrument using ordinary dough, attaching working guitar parts to the crunchy, triangular shape. 

Why don’t we take a look the video below which shows this incredible edible guitar in action. As designboom accurately summarise, after strumming the strings and playing a short tune, the ‘musician’ (actually one of the expert prop builders) executes a perfect rock star move and smashes the instrument onto his amplifier, exploding the chip pieces into a scattered shower of tiny tortilla bites. “we felt like we needed to give it that extra rock touch by smashing it, which gave us the perfect transition to promote the queso and the event” Friedman told Adweek