Would you like a Microwave Oven that Cooks your Dinner for You?

She knows when the meat is done

It has been a long day. Just one of those days where you feel like nothing could go right and all you want to do is get back home and jump into your pyjamas and lie down in your bed with food and preferably ice cream. But then you think, oh gosh, dinner! I need to cook that. Oh, this day is just not going to get better. 

Well, what if we told you there’s June to help you with all of that. 

Who is June? 

Haven’t you heard? June is your new best friend in the kitchen. She is an intelligent microwave oven that is basically an oven that can see your food and work out how to cook it for you. It’s been described as a “computer based oven that thinks like a chef”. 

It doesn’t end there. June comes complete with WiFi, a built-in wide-angle HD camera, a five-inch touch screen display, and a digital scale.

In a conversation with The Huffington Post, the two San Francisco based inventors discussed June’s most exciting features “From the camera that recognizes the food and keeps a watchful eye over the meal as it cooks, to the weight sensors in the oven, to the meat probes for accurate ‘doneness’ detection (no more overcooked steak!) to the dual convection – June has you covered.”

How can you control June? 

You can adjust the oven’s settings on the touch screen and obviously, it comes with an app. The app checks how your dinner is getting on and lets you know exactly when it’s ready. It also works as a remote control to adjust the oven’s temperature or turn it off, and it supports live streaming from the camera so you can actually watch your chicken cooking in real time.

When can you get June? 

The first units are expected to begin shipping in early-to-mid 2016 and is expected to be around $2,995. Van Horn and Bhogal (the brains behind June) believe that June will replace the traditional oven for city-dwellers. But when it comes to bigger meals, “We expect some home cooks will turn to their traditional oven if they’re making a big holiday spread, but June is designed to be your primary cooking tool.”

Watch June in action below. 

June Intelligent Oven


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