Would You Like A Cup Of Jeans? Or A Pair Of Coffee?


Ever loved coffee so much that you wanted it all over yourself? As funny and ridiculous as “wearing your coffee” sounds, it turns out to be a supremely sustainable concept for manufacturing clothes and American Eagle’s new range of denims sands proof to it.

The new range by American Eagle claims that the denims contain 2.25g of recycled coffee fibers. According to the brand, the collection – Denim Flex Café for Men and Denim X Café for Women – enriched with coffee, offer antibacterial characteristics that allow the trousers to remain clean longer than usual jeans.coffee25f-2-web


Coffee Clean

Although the coffee offers antibacterial properties, it doesn’t let you skip laundry day all together. “I find it very hard to imagine that antibacterial properties would be enough to surpass pathogenic bacteria, those that cause disease,” microbiologist Max Gottesman told the New York Daily News.american-eagle-coffee

Weaving fabric out of coffee grounds is a lot like turning bamboo into a synthetic or semisynthetic fabric (bamboo also has antibacterial properties). In both cases, the end result is a fabric that is comfortable and makes body movement easy.




Also, just in case the ‘wearing your coffee’ factor is getting you excited, let me clear the air. Wearing these jeans are nt going to give your energy levels any boost as your body is not really absorbing any caffeine from the pants. “This is just a fiber, your skin is not absorbing any caffeine,” textile expert Deborah Young told the Daily News. “For marketing, it’s fabulous. It’s kind of sexy to wear coffee. People are interested.”

Celebrities who have been going gaga over the coffee-infused apparel include stars like Vanessa Hudgens and Hilary Duff .coffee-jeans