Would You Binge On Popcorn If It Helped You Shed Weight? #POLL

Popcorn is synonymous with movies but if we told you that it can also help you in weight loss would you add it to your diet? Surprisingly, it is high in fibre and low in calories but when served with heaps of butter, cheese and caramel it can add more calories than you asked for, so you gotta choose wisely! You can always add some herbs and spices to add a healthy twist to this crunchy snack. So what’s your take on this?

Snacking between meals is certainly not an awful thing. It energizes you until your next meal and is also a great way to add some extra nutrition to your eating regimen. Popcorn may enable you to get thinner as it is low in calorie. It is unquestionably a better snacking choice than French fries and chocolate cookies. It is normally sans fat and sans sugar, so one can indulge in it guilt-free!

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