World’s Smallest KFC Ever Sold Tiny Food In Oregon For A Day

KFC is known for its quirk and sass, remember the guy who guessed their twitter gag? The fast food chain gave him a painting in which Colonel Sanders is carrying him. And how can we forget the escape pod that cost $10,000. Up next, KFC joins the tiny food bandwagon as reported by Food and Wine.

Tiny KFC Chicken Anyone

Continuing its tradition of opening the craziest restaurant in Oregon, last year’s being the ‘World’s First Inflatable KFC Franchise’ that served inflatable food, this year it sells tiny food, the kind the internet went gaga over. So the town got to buy KFC’s $5 fill u boxes with “tiny mashed potatoes, tiny fried chicken, tiny cookie and tiny Dr. Pepper,” said KFC days before setting up the outlet. “These are just a few of the tiny things you’ll find if you come to the tiny grand opening of the World’s Tiniest KFC on 12/16…if you can find it.”