World’s Largest Starbucks Reserve Roastery Opens In Shanghai Today

World’s Largest Starbucks Reserve Roastery Opens In Shanghai Today

According to reports by Foodbeast, Shanghai is all set to visit the largest Starbucks reserve roastery in the world starting today. The reports also claim that this is going to be nothing less than a Disneyland for the coffee lovers owing to the latest, high-tech equipment in the store.

World’s Largest Starbucks

After the roastery opened by Starbucks in Chicago, the newest outlet in Shanghai is coming into function on 6th December and it is of a massive 30,000 feet and has an out of the world coffee experience. One can watch and experience the entire coffee making process right from the bean to the brew you enjoy every morning. They in fact plan to roast the green beans and then sell the coffee made out of it, so here in this roastery you know where your coffee is coming from.

Another exciting feature of this roastery is the 3D printed tea bar, three coffee bars plus a virtual tour through augmented reality that’ll give you fascinating insights about the roastery. Starbucks has also acquired an Italian bakery called Princi and reports are that the food items from here will feature in the Shanghai roastery too.

Image Source: Starbucks News


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