World’s Most Expensive Ramen Costs $180

Next we’ll find gold plated burgers.

It’s becoming increasing popular to add gold to food or just produce something that costs as much as gold and unfortunately no studies have been done on why this keeps happening. Earlier this year, Kit Kat announced their gold bars for Japanese customers, then there’s a tea in China that costs as much as gold because of how limited the plant is. And now, a bowl of Ramen with gold leaves in it.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Koa, a Japanese restaurant in Manhattan, is now serving gold-flecked ramen for $180 per bowl. And the restaurant claims that this is the most expensive bowl of Ramen in the world.

Originally a Japanese street food item, Ramen has become popular all over the world and it’s seen various changes and adjustments to suit the palate of the country it’s being eaten in. This might just be the craziest adjustment, though.

Customers ordering the bowl of Ramen not only get a rich assortment of ingredients to accompany their gold flake including Wagyu beef and shaved truffle, they also get to take home the chopsticks as a souvenir.

According to reports, only two people have ordered the bowl since the restaurant introduced the menu last month. So maybe it won’t become a trend? Hopefully.