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We Bet You Won’t Be Able To Take Your Eyes Off Of This Man Drinking A Guinness!


In light of the recent ‘food trends’ trending in the news (literally, a new one every day), when something like this comes around it really restores my faith in humanity. Guinness is a well-known Irish stout, and of course, we’ve all heard of the Guinness World Records. What I didn’t know was that Guinness breweries actually kickstarted the whole thing (I really should have put two and two together, oh well, the more you know).

Back to our main point of discussion, a man drinking a pint of Guinness. The video starts off routinely enough, the bartender pouring out a glass of Guinness and giving it to the waiter… This is where it gets really interesting. After what seems almost like an eternity of the waiter (who is absolutely adorable with his knowing smile) weaving his way through the crowds he finally reaches his expectant customer and something amazing happens.

Make sure you watch the whole video, it’s worth it, I’m telling you!

Because I’m a very trusting individual I trust you have watched the entire thing (honestly, if you didn’t, your loss). While some were divided on whether or not it was the most effective way to drink a pint – you can hear a kid yelling that it’s getting wasted – we can all agree that what we just witnessed was nothing short of magnificent.

Let us know what you think about this (trending) method of consumption in the comments below. All I can say is, I’m sure the Guinness had the time of its life.

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