The Wonderful World of Recipe Videos

Forget all the food trends in the world, because there is nothing quite as magical as recipe videos. It takes 2 minutes out of your day to watch a video about creating a simple dish that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Recipe videos are not a new thing, because you watch any cooking show, the process of preparing a dish is a recipe video. But the difference now is that instead of the video being 10 minutes long with the chef talking to you and telling you stories about why they picked that dish, you get a 1 minute video where you are only staring at the dish as they put it together.

No more watching an hour long episode on television to get your hands on the recipe, no more listening to the chef tell you stories and anecdotes about why this dish is important to them before you get to the good parts. It’s quick and it’s painless and it’s really beautiful to watch.

Everyone does recipe videos now and while some might think that it’s a little too much and over the top, it’s quite entertaining to watch. I make recipe videos for HungryForever now, but unlike the Tasty, Tastemade and BuzzFeed videos, the HungryForever ones sometimes are a lot longer. But I love them, the readers love them, they are being seen by people all over the world and it’s fun to do.

Plus, the process of eating the finished product is the best part!

Why they do well

The recipe videos usually feature really simple and easy recipes, that you can watch now and recreate at home within minutes. Sure, the whole process of cooking might take an hour and your finished product might not turn out the way it does in the video, but you still get to make something delicious with the basic ingredients and you get to enjoy it at home. Most people are scared about cooking (and we talked about it and how to get over said fear), but these recipe videos actually help you get over that fear to an extent. The cutting and slicing is to a minimum sometimes, and it doesn’t involve you sticking your hands in an oven or using the stove to cook something.

Plus, like we mentioned before, they’re short and sweet and don’t come included with the stories behind the dish. It’s straight forward and it’s uncomplicated. And the great thing about recipe videos is that you can watch how it’s done, as opposed to figuring it out yourself.

Why it’s a great thing

For those who don’t know how to cook, or like to cook but are nervous, these are great guides. Granted, the people making the dishes are those that are comfortable in the kitchen and have no issues with any kind of dish at all, but they are a step-by-step guide to what you can do, what you should do and how you should do it. A lot of people are taking cooking inspiration from recipe videos, using them as a way to try new things.

For someone who is most comfortable making desserts, watching one video featuring a dinner for two might suddenly be interested in that because of how simple it looks. The simplicity of the videos and the recipes is what makes it such a unique attraction. Even if every single brand makes recipes videos, they’re all different in their own way and they’re fun! And you get a variety of different dishes to try out and different recipes to play around with. So if you watch one recipe video from each brand, you’re going to end up with an entire meal prepared even