This Women’s Day Dessert’s On The House At Artusi Ristorante, New Delhi
March 6, 2018

This Women’s Day Dessert’s On The House At Artusi Ristorante, New Delhi

Wondering how to celebrate yourself or the woman – or women – in your life this International Women’s Day? Artusi Ristorante, one of India’s finest Italian nooks, has got just the offer to make you special. Especially if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Here’s a hint: there’s free dessert.

On International Women’s Day, Italian fine-dining restaurant Artusi Ristorante is looking to sweeten the day for all the wonderful women out there! Dine at Artusi Ristorante in Delhi and in Gurgaon on 8th March and enjoy a dessert on the house all through the day.

So head to Artusi Ristorante on this special day dedicated to women along with your girlfriends, partners, colleagues or family where a sweet treat awaits you. There is much to choose from their carefully crafted menu where each dessert tastes as good as it looks! Some notable ones being the famous Artusi Panna Cotta with caramel, sweet figs and almonds, their traditional Tiramisu, the Crèma Fritta with Gelato, as well as their dark chocolate mousse with caramelised orange peel, and so many more!

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  1. Shamaa Parveen
    Shamaa Parveen March 15, 17:24
    I love Italian. And will Definitely give this Restaurant a visit And the title of the article should be - How to celebrate Women's day Like a Badass. Loved your Pictures as well. have done a research on a similar topic please have a look and feel free to point out any mistake
    • Gaayathri Harikrishnan
      Gaayathri Harikrishnan March 16, 10:38
      Yep, that really is a better title! Thank you so much for your words. Visit for more. we are really happy that you are sharing your ideas with us!

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