Woman Trips and Falls in Front of Dunkin Donuts and is $522K Richer

A few years ago, Maria Marsala happily bought a couple of coffees from a Dunkin Donuts store in North Plainfield, N.J. She then left with her multiple cup of coffees but was greeted by an exposed spike on the curb stop and sadly tripped and fell. Her coffee fell all over her hands and neck. 

The fall also led to Marsala suffering from cuts on her hands and knees. What did she do? She promptly filed a lawsuit against the Donut and Coffee chain. She sued Dunkin Donuts in Middlesex County Superior Court for failing to keep up with proper maintenance that would have prevented her fall. 

Woman Trips and Falls in Front of Dunkin Donuts and is 2K Richer

Her Somerset attorney, Ed Rebenack, says Marsala settled for the half-million-dollar payout before the case was set to go to trial this month. Well the fall did make her that much richer, didn’t it? 

This isn’t the first slightly weird lawsuit that Dunkin Donuts has had to deal with. Back in 2011, they were sued for making a customers coffee too sugary. Weird? We think so!

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