Woman Thrown Out Of The House By Husband Who Didn’t Like Her Biryani

According to reports by India Today, a 25-year old woman was kicked out her house who did not make her favourite biryani and that a complaint has been registered by the police. The woman hails from Telangana’s Warangal district and claimed that she was thrown out because she did not make the biryani well.

Row Over Biryani

The woman’s complaint further said that this was the second time in their marriage which hasn’t even completed a year that she has been thrown out of the house for the same reason. The husband is a computer engineer and according to his wife is an alcoholic and made demands for biryani every day. She further claimed that since she wasn’t a good cook, she was harassed for it as well as for dowry by her husband’s family.

The lady also told the police how she was thrown out of her house in January this year and after the intervention of the elders, she was taken back in June. The current situation alleged by her is that her husband got drunk and demanded for biryani. When the preparation didn’t turn out to be good, he beat her and threw her out.

Post the second incident she started protests outside her home at Illanda village of Wardhannepet in Warangal district asking that she be allowed inside. Local women rights activists gave her support and guided her to the police station and even helped filed a complaint. According to the publication, the police has tried counselling the husband and his family.