Woman Robs McDonalds, Breaks In By Climbing The Drive-Thru Window

After a bizarre incident of a man shooting his own wiener while robbing a hotdog stand, the news of a robbery by a ‘poorly disguised’ criminal is doing the rounds. A woman wearing a black top broke into McDonald’s drive thru window and robbed the restaurant in late hours of the night according to the reports by FoodBeast. The publication adds that since there are fewer staff members present this late, the break-in happened in the Howard County, Maryland outlet.

The Footage Of The Robbery


The woman can first be seen trying to fill up on a drink half-way through the store window but unsuccessful, pushes herself inside. The robbery that happened on 5th of November around 1 AM, shows the face of the woman on the surveillance camera as she hadn’t disguised herself too well. However, the Police Department of the Howard County hadn’t been able to track her down until she decided to turn herself in.

Adding a bit more surprise to the story, the criminal, Jessica Marie Cross’s husband told ABC7 that she has hardly any recollection of robbing the McDonald’s outlet as she has a drinking problem. “Apparently she got up at some point in the night and wanted to get something to eat, something to drink, or something, and ventured out, and this happened,” her husband Antonio Martin told the publication.

“I was trying to make sense of all this and I knew that the right thing to do was have her turn herself in. She was very adamant about turning herself in and she’s very apologetic,” he added. “Definitely want to get her some help. We were coming here to meet the detectives and you know they were waiting for us. Which was probably standard. They probably weren’t sure if she was actually going to do it or not,” Martin said.