Witnessing The Culinary Skills Of Chef Shaun Quade In Mumbai

Witnessing The Culinary Skills Of Chef Shaun Quade In Mumbai

Exhilarated in an understatement when you watch Chef Shaun Quade of Lûmé plate up his most exemplary dish in front of you and includes you to help out with the plating process. Putting up his famous Pearl on the Ocean Floor was an experience as we tried intricately and neatly constructed the ocean floor under Quade’s guidance. This was just a glimpse into the lovely evening we had here in Mumbai.

Shaun Quade In India

The state of Victoria is flocked by many Indian travellers and especially the city of Melbourne. We also love watching both cricket teams on field as well as the lovely food. Quade claims to love kulfi as he told us in an exclusive interview when he visited Mumbai courtesy of Visit Victoria. He also told us that back in Australia, he loves to experiment with vegetables and even has a 15 course vegetarian meal available in Lûmé. He talks passionately about the fresh produces and knowing the farmers as well as the strong barbecue culture and the variety of seafood in Victoria.

“I am delighted to have visited such a unique country as an ambassador of Melbourne’s food & wine culture. As Indian travellers are highly influenced by food when it comes to choosing a holiday destination, Victoria offers a perfect amalgamation of local talent, fresh local produce and stunning settings. I look forward to welcoming more Indians to Lûmé in the coming months,” he was quoted saying in a press release.

Along with plating up Pearl on the Ocean floor which had an unbeatable miso and pine nut ice cream, Quade also made a dish using fresh tomatoes, paneer and a miso dressing which tasted fresh and delicious. We enjoyed having a masterclass with Chef Quade and sumptuous high tea after at The St. Regis Mumbai.

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